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Free Printable Kids Invitations Cards with dinosaurs - Pleurocoelus

printfreecards offers a big collections of free dinosaurs stationary that you can print out to create your personal Dinosaurs Children's Birthday Party Invitations and kids party name tags with dinosaur theme. We also offer matched Fill-in Invitations, Thank you notes, Lined Stationery letterhead for all your party needs. You can either download these dinosaur party invitations to your computer and personalize with your own invitations and even your kids's photos, or you can print out from your home directly.
Simply right click on the dinosaur image, then choose to "Save picture as" to your computer and then edit later with photoshop or print picture directly at this time.
Dinosaurs are interesting giant animals that kids love. Boys are WILD about dinosaurs. There are over 300 known dinosaurs in the world. And every 6 weeks there is a new dinosaur being found. Kids love Dinosaur Themed Parties, either it's a happy birthday party or any holiday party.
Some good Dinosaur Themed kids birthday party ideas are:
  • Use dinosaurs themed party invitations , thank you notes, plates, cups, forks, napkins, table cloth, crepe paper, and ballons.
  • Use dinosaurs themed Decorations and set up party table before guests arrive.
  • Got Dino shaped chicken nuggets (you can get a big box from Costco) and lava bites (Pizza Rolls).
  • Arrange a Dino Dig in your back yard or park where you are going to host your party.
  • Prepare dinosaur toys or figures as award for the dino dig winner.
  • Get dinosaur cards or books as the party favor.